S.A.T.I.’s Triennial Conference

sati conference

S.A.T.I.’s Triennial Conference

The ST Communications Team will be attending S.A.T.I.’s Triennial Conference in Johannesburg at the end of September.

The South African Translators’ Institute in association with the Department of Linguistics at the University of Johannesburg is presenting its inaugural TRIENNIAL CONFERENCE at the University of Johannesburg on Saturday 29 September 2012.

The theme of the conference is The Role of Translation and Interpreting in Language Development.

The keynote speaker will be Prof. Justus Roux, director of the Research Unit for Language and Literature in the South African Context at North-West University. Plenary addresses will be made by Ms Landela Nyangintsimbi, head of the Tshwane Metro Language Division, Prof. Nathi Ngcobo of the Department of Linguistics at Unisa, and Mr Brian Mossop, a renowned expert on revision.

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ST Communications CEO, Sharon Tabraham, will be presenting at the plenary sessions on “QUALITY AND LANGUAGE EXCELLENCE”.

A snippet of Sharon’s presentation is as follows:-

“Without the highest quality standards and expectations in translation and interpretation there is no language development!

The superior talent of experienced translators, efficient proof readers/editors and competent translation agencies should ensure that the quality control process ensures that the final product has outstanding quality and reads as if originally written in the target language.  These high standards are often treated by clients, agencies and translators as something nice to have, but in reality these have not been formally set in South Africa and therefore, not generally adhered to.  Quality assurance should be a priority in any product in any industry, but is enough importance and emphasis on this requirement being put on the South African language industry?”



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