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  • The nineteenth Localisation World took place at Le Palais des Congrès de Paris, France from 4 – 6 June, 2012 and ST Communications was there to exhibit and represent South Africa and Africa as one of

  • The ST Communications Team will be attending S.A.T.I.’s Triennial Conference in Johannesburg at the end of September. The South African Translators’ Institute in association with the Department of Lin

  • Every country has its peculiar turns of phrase – quirks that give local languages flavour, colour and character. But unless you’re a native speaker, local slang can be a tricky to grasp, let alone use

  • GALA (Globalization and Localisation Association) will be presenting the 2014 Language of Business conference in Istanbul, Turkey, starting this weekend. The event spans from Sunday the 23rd to Wednes