Wolof Translation Services

Niche Wolof Translation and Adaptation Solutions

Wolof is the primary (although not official) language spoken in Senegal, as well as Gambia and Mauritania. There are an estimated 10 million Wolof speakers in Senegal alone, with an additional (rough estimate) 447,000 in Gambia and 185,000 in Mauritania, which gives it a fair amount of clout on the African continent. Pockets of Wolof speakers are also found in Canada, France, the United States, Mali, Cote d’Ivoire, Gabon and Guinea-Bissau. This gives it quite an international footprint, which is growing all the time. All of this is why ST Communications has chosen to include Wolof in its selection of languages for translation and interpreting.

If you need to translate anything from Wolof into any language that’s in our portfolio, then look no further than our team of professional translators and interpreters. We use in-country, mother-tongue, speakers, so you can be confident that we are intimately familiar with the nuances of the language, including localised slang. You can even rest assured in our familiarity with complex industry jargon, as our translators have experience in several highly specialised industries, including pharmaceuticals, finance, marketing, mining, petroleum and IT.

Confidential and Professional Services

Our team maintains our high standards of professionalism, which includes confidentiality as a given. If you like, you can request the additional security of confidentiality or non-disclosure agreements for highly sensitive information. Our professional team members also experience ongoing career training and development both in translation and their fields of expertise. This ensures that they are always at the top of the translation game.

  • Adaptation and localising of website content and software, to ensure that you are ready to enter new markets with highly targeted and appropriate materials.
  • DTP services, so that you can set all of your business and marketing materials to different alphabets, such as the Garay alphabet or Arabic.
  • Consecutive and simultaneous interpreting for business functions (workshops, seminars, conferences) and other events (graduation ceremonies, weddings and other celebrations).
  • Translating, editing and proofreading a range of documentation, including municipal by-laws, personal letters, emails and faxes, academic literature, instruction manuals, how-to guides, textbooks and news articles.

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Find out more about Wolof

Wolof belongs to the Niger-Congo family of languages, specifically the Senegambian (Atlantic) family. It’s written in Latin and Arabic script, as well as the Garay alphabet, a right to left alphabet modelled on Arabic by Assane Faye. The dialects can differ widely, with different languages having varying levels of influence. For example, the Dakar-Wolof dialect is strongly influenced by French and Arabic.

In 1994, Youssou N’Dour gave the world a taste of Wolof in his song “7 Seconds”.