Tsonga / Xitsonga Translation Services

Pinpoint Tsonga Translation and Interpreting Services

Tsonga (XiTsonga) is one of South Africa’s 11 official languages. It’s is spoken by over 2.2 million people, which equates to 4.5% of the population. It’s also spoken in Mozambique, Swaziland and Zimbabwe. In total, there are an estimated 4.4 million first and second language Tsonga speakers in the world. Tsonga is an old language and an old culture and one that deserves the utmost respect. ST Communications aims to provide it with that respect, while facilitating communication through its range of Tsonga translation services.

Our team of translators and interpreters includes in-country mother-tongue speakers who provide pinpoint accurate translations no matter what the dialect or how complicated the jargon. Our team includes experts in several highly specialised fields, so you can rest assured that the translator assigned to your project will have the experience necessary to accurately translate technical details and jargon from Tsonga to English or any other language on our books, and the other way round.


Professional and Confidential Translations

ST Communications maintains high professional standards among all of its translators. Each translator on our team is required to undergo continuing professional development. They also benefit from our outstanding tools and software to ensure the consistency of our services. You can trust the professionalism of each translator to ensure the confidentiality of your business or personal material. However, iron-clad confidentiality and non-disclosure agreements are available for additional security no matter what service you require.

If you’d like a same-day quote, simply fill in the online form outlining the nature of the translation project and we’ll get back to you. Alternatively, you can contact us to find out more about our comprehensive range of services, which include:

  • Localisation to ensure that your business and marketing material is suitably adapted to target new local audiences.
  • DTP services to ensure that your business and marketing material is print-ready for audiences reading different scripts (like Arabic).
  • Consecutive and simultaneous interpreting for a range of business and private events and functions.
  • Translating, editing and proofreading business and personal documents, including terms and conditions, by-laws, contracts, news articles, personal letters, industry manuals, handbooks, academic literature, and emails and faxes.


Tsonga in a Nutshell

Tsonga is most widely spoken in South Africa’s Limpopo province, followed by Gauteng, and Mpumalanga. It is part of the Nguni family of languages and there are several different dialects, but the three main ones include: Xironga (common in Mozambique), Chihlengwe/Xitshwa (in Mozambique and Zimbabwe) and xiTsonga (in South Africa).

The Tsonga culture can be traced back to about 500 AD, which is a long time for a nation that historically values peace and family above war. They’ve been known to relocate to an entirely new country to avoid war, which is, in fact, how they came to South Africa.

Famous Tsonga speakers include author and academic Prof. Hudson Ntsanwisi (also former Chief Minister of Gazankulu), jazz singer Hlulani Hlangwane and musician Thomas Chauke.