Setswana Translation Services

Dependable Setswana Adaptation, Translation and Interpretation

Setswana (or Tswana) is part of South Africa’s many official dialects. This is spoken by approximately 8% of the population, according to the 2011 census data – that amounts to over 4 million speakers. Tswana is the official language of Botswana, where there are an estimated 2 – 4 million speakers. There are a smattering of Setswana speakers in Zimbabwe and Namibia. As the sixth biggest language in South Africa, it’s only natural that Setswana has a place among ST Communications’ African language options.

The ST Communications team is ready, willing and able to accurately transition any kind of material from Sestwana to English. This is also true for translating Sestwana to any other language in our portfolio. This can be done regardless of the industry you’re in; you can trust our translators and interpreters to provide accurate translations. This is because our team consists of language experts who are also authorities in various specialised fields, such as pharmaceuticals, finance, petroleum, mining, marketing, engineering and IT. Technical descriptions and jargon-heavy text are no match for our translators.

Swift and Confidential Business and Personal Translations

Whatever the nature of your translation requirements, we can help you. Our range of services can be tailored to suit almost any requirement.

  • Localisation to tailor commercial and personal content to niche local target markets.
  • Desktop Publishing solutions to ensure that you can print your material regardless of the alphabets and scripts.
  • Sequential and concurrent interpreting for commercial and personal events, including seminars, conferences, weddings and assorted celebrations or gatherings.
  • Adapting, translating, refining and proofing a wide range of corporate and private material. For example, contracts, legal documents, by-laws, personal communications, articles, manuals, handbooks and educational material.


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A Background in Setswana

In South Africa, Setswana is most commonly spoken in North West province (just over half of the total population of Setswana speakers live in North West), followed by the Northern Cape and Gauteng. It is one of three Sotho languages and the first Sotho language to be written.

Famous Setswana speakers include the multi-talented Sol T. Plaatje, who co-founded the ANC and was a gifted linguist who could speak seven languages. He translated several of Shakespeare’s works into Setswana. Other notable Setswana speakers include author J.M. Ntsime, musician Duncan Senyatso and musician Ratsie Setlhako.