Sesotho Translation Services

Skilled Sesotho Translation and Interpretation Services

Sesotho (Sotho or Southern Sotho) is one of the 11 official languages spoken in South Africa and is one of two official languages in Lesotho (the other is English). It’s also spoken in varying degrees in Botswana, Swaziland and even tiny pockets in the United States. According to census 2011 data, there are over 3.84 million Sesotho speakers – 7.6% of the population. In total, there are over 6.52 million Sotho speakers in the world. Its influence in South Africa and its growing footprint internationally have given Sesotho a firm place in ST Communications’ range of translation services.

ST Communications aims to facilitate communication and understanding among the rich diversity of people in Africa (and the wider world). To this end we ensure that our team of translators and interpreters not only contains expert linguists but also experts in certain specialised fields of industry. This allows us to assign translators with the necessary industry experience to translate technical business documents. So you can have the utmost confidence in the accuracy and veracity of our translations.



Comprehensive Translation Services for All Purposes

Whether you want to translate from Sesotho to English (or to other languages on our books) or the other way round, we can help you. Our comprehensive range of translation services include:

  • Localisation to ensure that your business and marketing material is tailored to meet the unique needs of different cultural audiences.
  • DTP services to translate all of your printed documents, brochures and assorted material into different scripts or alphabets (e.g., Arabic).
  • Interpreting for business events (meetings, conferences, workshops and seminars) and private functions (weddings, parties, memorials and other celebrations). Consecutive and simultaneous interpreting services are available.
  • Translating, editing and proofreading print documents, including business terms and conditions, municipal by-laws, sworn statements, personal letters and emails, instruction manuals, handbooks, academic literature and news articles.


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Sesotho in a Nutshell

Sesotho is a southern Bantu language that is closely related to other southern Bantu languages, including Tswana, Northern Sotho, Venda and Tsonga, as well as some Nguni languages. In South Africa, it is most widely spoken in the Free State, followed by Gauteng and North West province.

There are no real dialects, although there are differences in the language spoken by those in Lesotho/Free State and urban townships. This is because the urban township dwellers tend to borrow heavily from other languages spoken in area.

In fact, according to Wikipedia, Sotho is one of the main contributors to Tsostitaal – the pseudo-language which is spoken and developed by the youth of townships in South Africa, primarily Gauteng. Zulu is the other major contributor.

It was one of the first African languages to be given written form by missionaries. The first Sotho novel written was in 1833 by Thomas Mofololo, called Chaka.

Famous Sesotho speakers include novelist and visionary J.J. Machobane, novelist Everitt Lechesa Segoete and singer Amatso Makaota.