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Proven Sepedi Language Translations

Sepedi (Northern Sotho or Sesotho sa Leboa) is one of South Africa’s many languages that are officially recognised. According to census data, there are over 4.6 million Sepedi speakers in the country, which equates to 9.1% of the country’s people. This vernacular is also prevalent in Southern African countries such as Botswana and Zimbabwe. As ST Communications aims to promote communication and understanding among the different cultures and people in Africa, it’s only natural that Northern Sotho be an important part of our portfolio.

You can commission us to translate business contracts from Northern Sotho to English or to localise marketing material from English to Sepedi, or even to interpret at your wedding.



Our Translators Are Extra Special

Our professional translators have the linguistic expertise necessary to provide accurate transitions from one language to another, no matter which Northern Sotho dialect you require. In addition, our translators have experience in different specialist fields, such as petroleum, mining, pharmaceuticals, marketing, engineering, finance and IT. This means you can trust your translator with even the most intricate technical jargon.

With us, you can rest assured that you’re receiving confidential and high-quality language solutions. These include:

  • Adaptation and localisation to tailor your commercial and promotional documents into new cultural markets.
  • DTP services to translate your corporate, personal or advertising material into tricky scripts or alphabets.
  • If you’re having a commercial or personal event or function, we can provide both consecutive and simultaneous interpretation solutions.
  • Translation, editorial and proofing solutions for a range of documentation and content. This could be anything from contracts, manuals, instructional, contractual, to handbooks, brochures, personal emails, faxes and letters, news articles and even academic publications.

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Get to know Sepedi

Northern Sotho is most widely spoken in Limpopo, Gauteng and Mpumalanga. It is closely related to Sesotho (Southern Sotho), Setswana, siLozi and sheKgalagari.

The Pan South African Language Board and the Northern Sotho National Lexicography Unit prefer to call the language Northern Sotho or Sesotho sa Leboa rather than Sepedi. This is because over the years it has evolved to become a language in its own right, and not just a variant of Sepedi, which is the language spoken specifically by the Pedi people. In fact, many people now consider Sepedi to be a dialect of Northern Sotho.

There are about 30 different dialects, which can be broadly categorised by region; e.g., South Central, Central, North Western, North Eastern, Eastern and East Central.

Famous Northern Sotho and Sepedi speakers include novelist and poet Oliver Kgadime (Phukubjane) Matsepe), jazz singer Judith Sephuma and the legendary Rain Queen Modjadji.