Kinyarwanda Translation Services

Conscientious Kinyarwanda Translation and Interpreting Services

Kinyarwanda (also known as Rwanda or Rwandan) is one of the three official languages in Rwanda, the other two being French and English. Of the three, Kinyarwanda is by far the most widely spoken. It is also spoken in Uganda, Burundi, Tanzania, the Democratic Republic of Congo, and, owing to the many Rwandan refugees scattered around the world, in Canada, the Netherlands and the United States of America. There are approximately 12 million Kinyarwanda speakers in the world. It’s this very wide footprint and growing international influence that have given it a place among ST Communications’ translation services.

ST Communications aims to facilitate communication and foster cross-cultural understanding, by offering professional translation and interpreting services in most of Africa’s primary languages and their main dialects, including Kinyarwanda. Our team consists of in-country mother-tongue speakers who also happen to have expertise in different specialist industries, such as mining, engineering, finance, marketing, IT, pharmaceuticals and petroleum. This means you can trust the translator in charge of your project to accurately translate every subtle industry-specific nuance and jargon-heavy term.


Business and Personal Translations You Can Trust

You can contact us to find out more about our comprehensive range of confidential translation services, which include:

  • Localisation, which translates all of your business and marketing material for highly localised audiences. We can translate from English or any other language on our books to Kinyarwanda and the other way round.
  • DTP services, which translates all of your print material into different language scripts or alphabets.
  • Interpreting, this includes simultaneous or consecutive interpreting for business and private functions, such as seminars, conferences, meetings, workshops, weddings, anniversaries and other celebrations or large gatherings.
  • Translating, editing and proofreading all business and personal print material, including letters, emails, faxes, sworn statements, articles, handbooks, manuals, instruction booklets, contracts, terms and conditions, by-laws and academic literature.


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Kinyarwanda in a Nutshell

Kinyarwanda has nine dialects, which are roughly divided among the three ethnic mother-tongue speakers: the Hutu, Tutsi and Twa. Some of the dialects include Butwa, Igikiga, Mulenge and Rufumbira.

It is closely related to Kirundi, which is spoken in Burundi, Mashi, which is spoken in the South Kivu region of Congo and Kiha, which is spoken in north-western Tanzania.

Famous Rwandans include author J. Savério Nayigiziki, novelist Edouard Gasarabwe, photogpraher Gaël Ruboneka Vande Weghe, jazz singer Somi Kakoma, singer Sabrina Iyadede, world-class athlete Dieudonné Disi and Olympic athlete Robert Kajuga.