French Translation Services

Comprehensive, Accurate and Confidential Professional French Translation Services

Is French the language of love? Maybe, but what it definitely is, is the official language of approximately 29 countries, the majority of which are in Africa, including the Democratic Republic of Congo, Madagascar, Cameroon, Mali, Rwanda, Burundi, Gabon, Comoros and Seychelles. It’s been estimated that at least 115 million African people speak French, which makes it a powerful language on the continent; one in which all good translation companies specialise.

ST Communications boasts a number of in-country native speakers who can translate any business or personal documents from French into English or the other way around. They can also serve as consecutive or simultaneous interpreters for a variety of business or private functions, no matter what the local vernacular.

Business, Personal and Academic Translation

Our translators and interpreters are not only highly qualified as linguists, but are also knowledgeable in various areas of specialisation, such as pharmaceuticals, finance, engineering, mining, marketing, IT, petroleum and academia. This ensures that translations are meticulous, regardless how recondite the subject matter or how exacting the language.

Our range of services is varied enough to meet all translation needs, such as:

  • Localisation: We offer software and website localisation services so you can immediately reach your new audiences when you expand into new African markets.
  • Document translation: If it’s in print we translate it, including by-laws, business contracts, terms and conditions, personal letters, emails, faxes, news articles, product manuals and instruction guides, handbooks and educational books. We offer French-English and English-French translation services.
  • Interpreting: Face-to-face interpreting for major international business events and small private functions.
  • DTP services so you can easily translate your business and marketing materials from French to English & back again, no matter what country in Africa you’re expanding into.

Make contact with us to learn more about our comprehensive range of translation services. Alternatively you can make a quotation request and expect same-day response.

French Briefly Summed Up

French is one of the romance languages and has its roots in Latin. It made its first written appearance in 842 AD in the Strasbourg Oaths. It has grown considerably since then, with an estimated 68.5 million mother-tongue French speakers in the world. In total, over 200 million people speak French either as a first or second language.

In addition to being the official language of 29 countries, it is also the one of the official languages of the UN, NATO, WHO, Doctors Without Borders (Médecins Sans Frontières) and the Red Cross.

There are 24 official French dialects and many, many more unofficial ones. The most common dialects are Quebec French, Louisiana French, Swiss French, Indian French and French-based Creole. African French is often considered one dialect, but in truth there are so many different variations that they can’t all be lumped together.