Chichewa Translation Services

Translating and Interpreting Chichewa and its Dialects

Chichewa, also known as Chewa, Chinyanja and Nyanja, is the official language of Malawi. It comes from the Bantu family of languages and is also widely spoken in Zambia, Mozambique, Botswana, Swaziland and Zimbabwe. The southern countries in Africa are becoming increasingly influential in the business and political worlds of the continent, as well as the world at large, and this is giving languages, such as Chichewa, the recognition that they deserve. As a result, the demand for English-Chichewa and Chichewa-English translation services is growing.

ST Communications’ mission is to facilitate understanding and communication across the continent by specialising in African languages, including Chichewa and its dialects. Our team of translators and interpreters includes native speakers who also have expertise in key industries to ensure the accuracy of all translations, no matter what the subject.


Professional, Confidential and Accurate

Our team consists of professional in-country translators who are intimately familiar with local dialects, language customs, industry jargon and slang. This ensures that all of our translations are accurate to the last punctuation mark. You benefit from our strict quality control measures that ensure each translator completes and abides by our Language Quality & Excellence programme. Translators and interpreters are also required to complete regular ongoing training courses to maintain our high standards.

Confidentiality and non-disclosure agreements can be arranged for any one of our services, but you can rest assured that even without formal agreements, the contents of each document translated will remain entirely confidential.


Choose From a Range of Services

We offer a range of translation and interpreting services for a variety of business or personal purposes. For example, we specialise in business software and website localisation, so you can rest assured that your English marketing material and business products get the desired response when you bring them to Chichewa-speaking nations.

Perhaps you need to translate or edit some documents. Our team can translate, edit and proofread any type of document, including business brochures, product instruction booklets, contracts, terms and conditions, personal letters, emails, faxes and even educational books from either Chichewa to English or English to Chichewa.

If you need an interpreter for business events or personal functions we can also help you, as our services include consecutive and simultaneous interpretation for all types of events.

We also offer DTP services so you can easily translate your marketing material from one language to another.


Chichewa in a Nutshell

According to, there are nearly 8.7 million Chichewa speakers in the world, with the majority of speakers in Malawi. There are five primary dialects: Chewa,Manganja, Ngoni, Nyasa and Peta.

Town Nyanja is an informal dialect that is widely spoken in Lusaka, Zambia. It is heavily influenced by English. It is so different from standard Nyanja that, according to Wikipedia, some schools have had to start teaching in “Lusaka Nyanja” because children in the town don’t understand the formal language.

Google has a Chichewa homepage, which was launched in 2010.