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Whatever event you are organising, whether a large multilingual conference or a smaller face-to-face meeting where language may be a problem, you will need the services of interpreters. We are able to provide interpreting for conferences, seminars and meetings. We can further facilitate the necessary equipment requirement, if needed.

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Interpretation requires an extremely high level of skill. Teams of two or more interpreters are used per language and they work in turns, relieving each other after set intervals to ensure that fatigue and stress resulting from the intense level of concentration required for this skill does not affect the accuracy or quality of their interpretation.


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Simultaneous interpretation is the art of listening to spoken words and interpreting them into a different language in real time. The interpreter sits in a booth, listening to the speaker through headphones and translates simultaneously. Conference delegates wear headsets to listen in the language of their choice. This style of interpretation is best for formal international conference settings.


In addition, we are able to provide Chuchotage or Whisper whereby the interpreter whispers simultaneously for 1 or 2 delegates. This is recommended for small meetings or site visits.

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During consecutive interpretation the speaker typically stops after each sentence and waits for the interpretation to occur before continuing. Consecutive interpretation allows for a slower but higher quality interpretation.

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Sign Language

Interpreted in either simultaneous or consecutive, depending on the requirement at the time.

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We provide over-the-phone interpretation (OPI), allowing you to overcome any language barrier in seconds, particularly for the medical, legal and business industries.

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