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Why localise?

speak to Africans in their language

ST Communications specialises in “#AFRIL10n” African Localisation!


Localising a product, an app or software for Africa can increase revenues tremendously. If you have made the effort to understand your target market and translate the information into your potential client’s language you have just made the sale so much easier and your reception so much more welcoming!

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Communicating isn’t just about knowing words from another language. It’s really about getting ideas across and speaking directly to real people. Effectively localising content creates a deeper connection between the creators of products, such as software, and their users.


If you’re launching a product or new content for an existing one, make sure that your expectations of quality are met by using ST Communications’ experienced linguists and project management teams.

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the African continent

ST Communications has been part of localisation teams working on some amazing brands and projects for our clients.

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